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#5 Magazine for iPad and iPhone, a revolution in interactive newspapers

Yesterday I found a new magazine in the Apple Newsstand. It was a unique magazine in a couple of ways. Firstly it was free. To clarify, it was completely free. This is very different from many other magazine apps in the app store, as those require you to buy a subscription to actually get content onto their “free” app. This magazine also was different in other ways. It seems that this is the first magazine that was designed with the iPad and iPhone in mind.

It is not a collection of linked articles or a rehash of the web site. It is an experience that is built completely for the interactivity of the touch screen. Images shift under your fingers, videos flow and music plays. You read an article about a photo model, and you see the video of the shoot right there. It was a full immersion experience.

Using this app on the iPhone, as I was going, did leave a desire for a bigger screen, but then again, it was still enjoyable. I did have to squint just a bit to see it sometimes. I can really see how this app would shine on the iPad. Overall, I think, this is what the future of magazines should be. A fully immersive multimedia experience. Compared to this, other apps seem just simple and antique. Many people are saying that the old media is dead. But I say, with apps like this … it’s about to get a new lease on life.

If you would like to see it, here is a link to the app on iTunes.

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children of the revolution

I was browsing the Wall Street Journal this morning, as is my wont, and I found this interesting article on children of government leaders in China. This article “Children of the Revolution“, describes these children as “princelings” and discusses how others in China view them and how they view themselves. It’s really fascinating to see how many of them are Western-educated. It’ll be interesting to see if that leads to change later in the Party, or if it’s more just for show and as a status symbol only.

I found it an utterly riveting article, if only to shine some light on how much China is changing.

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Welcome to a bold experiment.

Please join me in this bold experiment. I along with several other friends will be posting here on a weekly basis. The topics will be vast and varied, keep up with us for a bit and something will surely catch your eye.

There are no topics which are taboo, and everything is accepted. In time, if people are interested we will accept guest bloggers and contributors.

For now, let the experiment begin.