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Galleries, Car Dealerships, Churches, and Other Local Establishments Add a New Revenue Stream to Their Businesses by Making Their Venues Available for Private Events After Regular Business Hours

CHICAGO, IL – January 10, 2012 – Chicago startup, Venue Cricket, is providing a means for local businesses to turn themselves into event venues. With the economy still growing at a sluggish pace, businesses are looking for additional revenue streams and have taken the opportunity to heart. The site allows anyone with an event space to create a profile complete with photos, descriptive information, and an availability calendar. Users of the site can then filter venues according to their criteria and book their chosen venues online.

“Many of the venues we are working with have periodically held events in the past, and have been looking for ways to do so more frequently and systematically. Until now these businesses did not have cost effective ways of establishing themselves as event venues on a larger scale,” said Dmitry Grekov, CTO and Co-Founder. “At the same time, event hosts generally turned to conventional venues like hotels, simply because it would take much more leg work to find the more interesting but lesser known spaces.”

As most event hosts know, the venue booking process can be a painful one. Unlike most other industries, which have been reshaped by the internet, booking a venue still requires event hosts to make lists of potential options and call each one to determine availability and pricing. Venue Cricket’s mission is to change that by providing a convenient search and book tool.

Venue Cricket is the brain child of CEO and Co-Founder Ella Lief, who graduated with an Economics major from Harvard University in 2007. She first noticed the problem when she was organizing a Chicago alumni event. “Finding an interesting venue that could accommodate the group turned out to be a real challenge. I was surprised that there were no websites similar to Expedia but tailored for the venue search,” says Lief. “The issue came up again when I was booking a venue for a conference I was planning. I wanted to rent an auditorium from a school or University and could not find any resource online that would help me do the job.”



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children of the revolution

I was browsing the Wall Street Journal this morning, as is my wont, and I found this interesting article on children of government leaders in China. This article “Children of the Revolution“, describes these children as “princelings” and discusses how others in China view them and how they view themselves. It’s really fascinating to see how many of them are Western-educated. It’ll be interesting to see if that leads to change later in the Party, or if it’s more just for show and as a status symbol only.

I found it an utterly riveting article, if only to shine some light on how much China is changing.

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